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Author Guidelines

Prospective authors are requested to follow all guidelines listed below in preparing and submitting their manuscripts.

Manuscripts must be in standard British or American English and be submitted in Word Document. The length of your work cannot be longer than 25 pages, given a font size of 12 on Times New Roman Font, with single spacing. This must include all additional materials, such as references, footnotes, title pages, etc.

Before submitting their work, authors are required to include an indication in their manuscript that they have read and understood all terms and conditions listed on this website.

Please note: Authors are requested NOT to include their names or any of their affiliations in the body of the main text of the manuscript.

All manuscripts being submitted to GJAST must include the following: Title Page, Abstract, Keywords, Main Text and References.

The title page must be separate and must be before the main text. It must contain a succinct title for the research work (without acronyms), all names and affiliations of authors (such as full name and title, email ID, postal address in full, postal address of research location in full, phone number), the name, title, email ID and other contact information of one corresponding author who has been designated as a focal point; and all details, including name, full postal address, email ID and phone number of any institutions or entities that have provided support or sponsorship of the research work.

A succinct abstract, of no more than 300 words is required to be placed after the title page. It must include a summary of the work, including research intentions, hypothesis, methodology and results. It must not include any references unless it is unavoidable. Any references used in this abstract must be in full, and cannot appear in the final list of references.

Authors are required to submit a set of no more than eight keywords (these must not contain any plurals or multiple concepts).

All tables and figures must be included in the body of the main text. Please do NOT attach and send them separately. All tables and figures must be labelled clearly and formatted in the APA style.

References must be listed in the latest APA style format that can be found at the following link location. Please note than any unpublished material or private and personal communications cited in the main text cannot be listed in the final references. They can only appear in the main text, and in the case of any unpublished material that may have been accepted for publication, they must be indicated as ‘in press’. All references cited in the main text must appear in the list of references provided at the end, and vice versa. References can be listed in alphabetical and then chronological order. In the event that there are multiple references for the same authors in the same year, they can be indicated by adding alphabets in order (a, b, c, etc.) after the year of publication.

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