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Your work is suitable for publication in the Journal if

  • It explores subjects related to the latest in applied sciences and technology.
  • It is an original work that has not been published elsewhere and is not consideration for publication anywhere else.
  • It passes the double blind, peer-review system put in place by the GJAST and its Editorial Board. (Note: the peer review process is expected to take at least two weeks)
  • It’s authors are able to pay the publication fee once the peer review system is completed.

It is important to note that the copyright to any research work published in the Global Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology is owned by the authors of the work. First right of publication resides with GJAST and any subsequent re-publication or reproduction of the work are not within the purview of the Global Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology or its publishers or publishing entity. As such, the publishers of GJAST cannot be held liable for any damages incurred during re-publication or reproduction subsequent to the initial publication within its pages.

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