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Volume 2 Issue 1 Paper 1
Wireless Sensor Network for Structural Health Monitoring in Airplanes
Ahmad Baksh,
SATM School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing.
Cranfield University, United Kingdom
Email: ahmad.baksh@cranfield.ac.uk
The aim of this paper was to provide a brief exploratory qualitative review of research on wireless sensor networks for structural health monitoring in airplanes. Search using Google Scholar yielded 20 usable papers published till 2016. Wireless sensor networks do away the need for the costly, cumbersome and difficult to manage wired monitors and do away with the need for regular maintenance schedules to increase the availability of the aircraft for the intended services. Thus, it is cost-effective. Crucial factors are the need for efficient operation at low energy levels and energy harvesting systems. Many methods, including piezoelectric materials have been found promising. Much research has been done on detection of fatigue and damage to aircraft structures. Real time monitoring while in flight may save many lives in time. Much more research is needed on this aspect.

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Network, Structural Health, Airplanes, Review

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