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Volume 3 Issue 1 Paper 1
Learning and Social Media
Mofarah Mohammed Al-Shahrani
The aim of this study was to review the studies carried out on social media and learning. Various databases were searched for keywords ‘social media’, ‘education’, ‘learning’, ‘higher education’. These studies were shortlisted as per the year of publication. Studies showed that the use of social media amongst people has increased multifold, especially amongst the youth. Authors have talked about how social media is slowly being integrated into learning and education, even higher education. Social media technologies are being used in distance and online education. Authors also talk about how teachers are having to go through training in order to get familiar with and adept in the use of social media, in order to facilitate teaching processes. Studies show that for it to be successful it is important that social media usage in learning and education is researched extensively.

Keywords:Social Media, Learning, Technology Enabled Learning, Review

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