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Volume 3 Issue 11 Paper 1
Application of Big Data in Promoting Sustainable Solutions for Business – A Review
Fazle Rabbi
Australian Computer Society, Australia
This review article focuses on scholarly literature pertaining to the field of the application of big data in solutions for business. With the emergence of big data as the next frontier in technological evolution, there has been a significant attempt to study how businesses may use it to improve their performance and profits. In order to conduct a search of relevant literature with regard to this, a protocol was designed. The open source website Google Scholar was used to maximise results, with a final total of 210 research works being examined before a final list of 5 were selected using a set of filters and parameters devised based on the original intention of this systematic review. The final five works that were further analysed showed that four out of five focused on improving specific aspects of businesses using big data, such as improving overall performance, customer behaviour and experience, designing business intelligence solutions, and traditional versus improved marketing. One article focused on a specific industry, i.e. healthcare. As the search methodology and parameters in this systematic review were aimed to find works that were solutions-based, many of the authors of the final five works made proposals or recommendations to industries and business managers on how big data could improve their practices or their operations in very concrete and specific ways.

Keywords: Big Data, Application, Sustainability, Business, Review

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