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Volume 4 Issue 10 Paper 1
Analysis of the Australian National Diabetes Strategy: Effectiveness in Reducing Diabetes in Indigenous Australians
Salman Wasl Althobaiti

The aim of this paper is to critically analyse the Australian National Diabetes Strategy as to how effective it is in addressing the burden of non-communicable diseases in Indigenous Australians. This paper describes this policy and also discusses the burden of disease, and the risk factors as well as the social determinants it is intended to address. It touches upon the key principles which guide the Australian National Diabetes Strategy. This paper critically analyses the policy and implications for Indigenous Australians. The Australian National Diabetes Strategy identifies the risk factors that contribute to diabetes and has designed specific strategies to help modify such risk factors in order to reduce the prevalence of diabetes. This paper looks at practical recommendations on how to better implement the current policy. One of the key recommendations of the paper is to include more Indigenous Australian community members through the use of surveys and focus groups. This will ensure that the decision-making process includes community members. Another recommendation of this paper is that Indigenous community representatives and leaders be included in the planning of strategies directed at Indigenous groups.

Keywords: Australian National Diabetes Strategy, Indigenous Australians, Diabetes

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