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Volume 6 Issue 1 Paper 1
Review of the Current Research in Sustainable Engineering
Nassar AL-Samadi
The aim of this paper is to review the available literature on the current research in sustainable engineering. In order to do this, open source articles from Google Scholar were used. An attempt was made to select studies spanning the past few decades so as to analyse the evolving trends and research in sustainable engineering over the years. The focus was especially on recent years owing to the emphasis on sustainability in every field. Using a set of criteria, approximately 400 scholarly works were initially analysed and then reduced to a smaller number which were then explored in detail. It was found that there needs to be a focus on improving the education that engineering students receive in order for them to effectively address the complex and multidisciplinary issues that arise while working towards sustainable development. Additionally, an emphasis on resource efficiency, adopting a life cycle approach and engaging with social and environmental concerns rather than only the technical aspects of engineering would make the field more dynamic and robust enough to address the challenges of sustainable development. The need for policies mandating green and sustainable construction was also addressed.

Keywords: Sustainable engineering, sustainable development, engineering education

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