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Volume 7 Issue 8 Paper 1
A Review of Smart Urban Designs and Technologies for the Disabled
Ali Aljowair
Email: a_j0@hotmail.com
This study aimed to review the studies carried out on smart urban designs and technology being used for disabled people worldwide. Various databases were searched for keywords ‘smart urban design & disabled’ and ‘smart technology & disabled’. These studies were then shortlisted based on their relevance to the topic and how current they were. The review found that during recent years, health care has evolved to an extent where patients and medical resources can be directly connected through Smart Health Care and Smart City Architecture. Studies show that people with physical disabilities may need devices to assist them with their mobility. According to the reviewed research, a smart wheelchair is developed based on a conventional wheelchair and is equipped with sensors, cameras and a computer-based system as its main processing unit. This unit can perform specific algorithms for the wheelchair’s intelligent capabilities. There have also been proposals for developing a smart wheelchair system which facilitates obstacle detection and human tracking using computer vision. Other authors have talked about Smart Walking Stick and other Smart Home applications – medical and assistive. One of the practical implications of this research is that there is a shortage of research on the interaction between smart technologies and smart city infrastructure for the disabled.

Keywords: Smart urban design, smart technologies, disabled, review

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