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Volume 8 Issue 1 Paper 1
Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on healthcare facilities around the world
Dr. Gabriel Makuei Deng Makuei1, Hetem Dheiu Dau
1Corresponding Author:
Dr. Gabriel Makuei Deng Makuei,
Associate Professor,
Dr. John Garang University of Science and Technology, South Sudan.
Email: leek123deng@gmail.com
The paper was aimed to assess the impact of Covid-19 on healthcare systems around the world. The content of 18 papers selected for this review revealed negative impact on healthcare systems due to Covid. The impact was two-fold: directly on Covid care and on care of other patients. Reduced revenues of hospitals and diversion of funds, personnel and other resources for Covid care affecting other healthcare activities were observed. There were psychological problems of anxiety, stress and fear among both Covid and non-Covid patients leading to lower sleep quality and suicidal tendencies. Countries which implemented appropriate combinations of strategies as soon as the first case was reported or when neighbouring countries were reporting rapid increases in Covid cases, could control spread, reduce mortalities and suppress the disease better than those which delayed the strategic responses till it became serious in the country.

Keywords: Covid-19, Pandemic, Healthcare Facilities, Impact, Review

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