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Volume 9 Issue 5 Paper 1
Software Architecture Evolution: Patterns, Trends, and Best Practices
Nithish Nadukuda
Paypal Inc.
Email: ninadukuda@gmail.com
Software Architecture is a fundamental aspect in software development, influencing the
structure, scalability, and maintainability of applications. This article considers the evolution of software architecture, emphasizing key patterns, trends, and best practices that have emerged over time. From monolithic architectures to microservices and from client-server to cloud-native approaches, various architectural paradigms are examined alongside their advantages and challenges. Additionally, the article discusses emerging trends such as serverless computing, event-driven architecture, and containerization, showcasing their impact on modern software systems. Best practices for designing resilient, scalable, and flexible architectures are presented, stressing the importance of modularity, decoupling, and automation. By understanding the evolution of software architecture and embracing current trends and best practices, developers can construct robust, adaptable, and future-proof software systems.

Keywords: Procurement procedures and policies, supply chain performance, international humanitarian organizations

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